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The tactics of victimhood


Late last week the Labour deputy leader was the subject of a glowing profile in the Times. The piece described Angela Rayner’s alleged physical similarity to Nicole Kidman, spoke indulgently

The tactics of victimhood2021-10-01T14:53:36+01:00

Farewell to Cambridge’s disastrous Vice-Chancellor


You do not have to read between the lines to realise that Toope is leaving because his brief tenure at Cambridge has been an unmitigated disaster, a fact that has

Farewell to Cambridge’s disastrous Vice-Chancellor2021-09-24T11:13:38+01:00

Where has the truth gone?


It is perfectly plain to most people that a male-born person throttling a woman for sport does not constitute great societal progress. It is possible to hold this view without

Where has the truth gone?2021-09-17T14:07:35+01:00