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At least Britain isn’t that corrupt


You have to go back to the ‘Cash for questions’ scandal in the 1990s for the last time that parliament was seriously accused of being ‘up for sale’. Read more

At least Britain isn’t that corrupt2023-09-29T11:56:50+01:00

The Fleeting Innocence of Youth


W. B. Yeats celebrates the beauty and the naivete of ‘a child dancing in the wind.’ Read more

The Fleeting Innocence of Youth2023-09-25T15:55:08+01:00

Politicians can’t win on illegal migration


Various open-borders NGOs and others had been testing Italian law for years. Salvini worked out that if you said the illegal boats couldn’t dock, then the flow might stop, or

Politicians can’t win on illegal migration2023-09-25T16:05:33+01:00

Facing Old Age with Defiance


Jenny Joseph’s ‘Warning’ is one of the most popular poems ever written—for good reason. Read more

Facing Old Age with Defiance2023-09-25T16:09:27+01:00

How to buy influence in Britain


It is also very sensible of the CCP to gather information on those who might be critical of it. After all, there is a fight within the Conservative party, as

How to buy influence in Britain2023-09-15T12:06:53+01:00