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The new dark age


A number of our wonderfully informed MPs joined the throngs passing the Lancet’s figure around  social media. Read more

The new dark age2024-07-11T15:58:30+01:00

The Last Word on Vivien Leigh


When Sir John Gielgud was called upon to eulogize the legendary actress, his well-stocked mind supplied the perfect words. Read more

The Last Word on Vivien Leigh2024-07-08T13:56:19+01:00

The Tories have only themselves to blame


If the right is to cohere, it will have to have some soggy centrists and some people who are actually right-wing Read more

The Tories have only themselves to blame2024-07-05T13:46:44+01:00

The Man in the Arena


At a time of widespread discontent with our elected officials, it’s worth recalling Theodore Roosevelt’s speech—about those with the courage to run for high office. Read more

The Man in the Arena2024-06-28T12:08:20+01:00

Cowards vs culture


It seems that if you believe in a cause, it is now permissible to just rush to the nearest museum and slash away Read more

Cowards vs culture2024-06-21T14:23:54+01:00