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Pride comes before a fall


When there were real gay rights to be won, the corporate and sporting worlds were nowhere to be seen. They’re all over the rainbow people now only because the battles

Pride comes before a fall2023-01-27T11:40:22+00:00

If not Biden, who?


He would be in his mid-eighties at the end of a second term and there are reasonable concerns in the Democrat party that while many people of that age are

If not Biden, who?2023-01-27T11:28:24+00:00

Right and Wrong on Ukraine


Why has the debate on the Ukraine–Russia war become so fetid, especially on the political right? Why are members of Congress from the Republican Party the ones most outspoken

Right and Wrong on Ukraine2023-01-27T11:35:45+00:00

SNP is sacrificing confused kids on the altar of self-rule


The so-called Gender Recognition Act proposes that a 16-year-old may be too young to buy a pint but they can make life-changing decisions about their sex and be recognised as

SNP is sacrificing confused kids on the altar of self-rule2023-01-27T11:25:45+00:00

If only Harry took after his grandfather


All the Royals could all moan about their lot and make fake and not very plausible appeals to public pity. But they don’t. They get on with things. Read more

If only Harry took after his grandfather2023-01-16T18:00:19+00:00

The state of New York state? Terrifying!


It’s often said that making laws is like making sausages: best not to look. Well after Tuesday in Albany I can tell you that I’d rather spend a month watching

The state of New York state? Terrifying!2023-01-16T17:56:21+00:00