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How to get nothing done


I sometimes wonder whether our government makes any decisions at all. In fact I’m trying to think of any area of public policy that is not the subject of a

How to get nothing done2023-01-06T22:03:38+00:00

Don’t bet against New York (he says hopefully)


Even in December and January people want to come to New York. Why? For the reasons they always have — for the same reason I have — because it is

Don’t bet against New York (he says hopefully)2023-01-06T22:10:00+00:00

This is no time for contrarianism on Ukraine


I’ve seen first hand how Zelensky’s forces can win this war, but they can’t do so without the unwavering support of the US Read more

This is no time for contrarianism on Ukraine2022-12-24T15:30:29+00:00

How to save the BBC


The BBC’s archives may be the greatest treasure that the institution has. Were it to make more of it available, it might do the corporation a great amount of good

How to save the BBC2022-12-16T14:36:01+00:00