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Pity poor oppressed Prince Harry


The Duke of Sussex's latest political intervention reveals a man caught up in the social justice religion Read more

Pity poor oppressed Prince Harry2020-09-25T14:40:24+01:00

Virus is making our sick society sicker [£$]


Our age has of late been very happy to dement its way from crisis to crisis. Some of these crises are even real. Why is this the tone of the

Virus is making our sick society sicker [£$]2020-09-21T11:41:20+01:00

How America came apart


A people with no shared narrative or history will find it very hard to keep a lid on disorder and violence Read more

How America came apart2020-09-18T11:29:40+01:00

Hollywood’s hapless diversity bid


Driven by Darwinian levels of competition, it's the last place to enact an egalitarian experiment Read more

Hollywood’s hapless diversity bid2020-09-11T12:20:07+01:00

Who would risk being a government adviser?


Poor Tony Abbott. It would seem being prime minister of Australia doesn’t bring you to the attention of the British media. Read more

Who would risk being a government adviser?2020-09-11T11:42:12+01:00