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The path to re-enchantment


Much of life is disenchantment. You learn that you cannot fly, or do magic; that the dinosaurs will not come back. Read more

The path to re-enchantment2021-08-13T15:04:28+01:00

Alan Rusbridger always wins


The Guardian's former editor is no stranger to the revolving door Read more

Alan Rusbridger always wins2021-07-30T13:02:30+01:00

The 2020s will be boring, not roaring


The future rolling out before us is one not of greater freedom but of endless pings, masks, boosters and variants. Read more

The 2020s will be boring, not roaring2021-07-23T12:13:32+01:00

Voter ID laws are not racist


Biden's hysterical rhetoric forgets American democracy has never been so fragile Read more

Voter ID laws are not racist2021-07-23T12:09:43+01:00