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Douglas Murray, author and journalist, joins Dave Rubin to talk about free speech, ISIS, the Syrian refugee crisis, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, how being gay affects their world view and much more. ***Subscribe: Watch more on Ora TV: What are your thoughts?
In this episode Sam Harris speaks with Douglas Murray about his book The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam. Douglas Murray is Associate Editor of the Spectator and writes frequently for a variety of other publications, including the Sunday Times, Standpoint and the Wall Street Journal.
In this episode Sam Harris speaks with Douglas Murray about identity politics, the rise of white nationalism, the events in Charlottesville, guilt by association, the sources of western values, the problem of finding meaning in a secular world, and other topics.
Douglas Murray (Author & Journalist) joins Dave Rubin to dive into the big ideas in his new book 'The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam.'
We're proud to present a brand new edition of The Mark Steyn Show. In this episode, Mark talks to Douglas Murray, with whom he last appeared on the tenth anniversary of the Mohammed cartoons in the Danish Parliament. Douglas discusses his new book The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, published in America this week and which Mark describes as "profound".
Douglas Murray, author of "The Strange Death of Europe" which is out now, is an author, journalist, and political commentator. He is the founder of the Centre for Social Cohesion and is the associate director of the Henry Jackson Society and associate editor of The Spectator, a British magazine discussing culture and politics.
March 6, 2018 - Is Europe a continent with its finger on the self-destruct button? Douglas Murray reflects on Europe's pervasive and seemingly unfathomable inertia in the face of an immigration crisis, the potential failure of multiculturalism, and the Western fixation on guilt.

Panel Discussions

Why do they do it? Again and again, after every attack, our media react by giving the terrorists exactly what they want - maximum publicity. Of course, the public should be told that an atrocity has taken place. But each attack dominates the news for days at a stretch.
What's happening to Europe? The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was seen as a triumph for liberal democracy. True, the 'end of history' narrative didn't play out across the world as many predicted. But in Europe political liberalism seemed unshakable, supported as it was by international business and transnational organisations such as the EU and NATO.


Douglas Murray vs Tariq Ramadan in Athens (2011)
Intelligence Squared debate (2010) 'Europe is failing its Muslims' with Tariq Ramadan and Flemming Rose.
Debate with Julian Assange (2011)
Intelligence Squared, New York (2010) with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Debate 'Islam is a religion of peace'
Israel and Iran at the Cambridge Union (2012)
Against Ken Livingstone (2007) Douglas Murray humiliates Ken Livingstone, the ex-Mayor of London

Media Appearances

On Al Jazeera after the Charlie Hebdo massacre.
Sky News after Charlie Hebdo (2015)


Speech at the Danish Parliament (2015) on the 10th anniversary of the Danish cartoons.